Existing Projects

Salima Sugar Project
This is one of the existing models for Greenbelt Authority projects.In partnership with other investors,Salima Sugar company runs a sugar milling factory.The factory has its own core farm 400ha to supply cane to the mill.However,the project offers 1500ha of land to smallholder farmers and medium scale farmers.There is a need for investors to develop a massive technology for the 1500ha land to enable farmers produce all year round.
Nchalo-GBI Project in Nchalo Chikwawa
This is 3000ha land is under a join venture company which is currently looking for investors. The area suitable but not exclusive to growing sugarcane.Market for sugarcane is readily available.This project is seeking investment for 10 million US Dollars to roll out sugar cane production
The Raw Material(RAMA) project for Ethanol
The Greenbelt initiative Holding Limited is working with two subsidiary companies of press corporation to seek investors to partner them in producing sugarcane by-products such as Ethanol and animal feed. With the demand for Ethanol increasing,this project avails one of the greatest potentials for multi million dollar project with ready market of raw materials. The investment has two project sites of 2000Ha each with an estimated total capital of 50 million US Dollars
The 500ha Malombe project in Mangochi
The Mangochi-Malombe is a unique project site in that the land is suitable for particularly legumes farming although not limited to such crops.It has a good water-source for extensive irrigation of all types.The land is available for investment.An estimated 5 million would be required to develop the irrigation system.
Greenbelt Greenhouse vegetable project in Lilongwe
This is a high technology greenhouse existing project.It produces various vegetables but can also produce based on demand.When completed, it will have 16 greenhouses each, sitting on one hectare piece of land.It will be one of the biggest greenhouse projects in southern Africa.It requires investment in value chain agro-processing.The project is located next to Kamuzu International Airport as it eyes export of its products.